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Abdominal Stretching Liposuction

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Abdominal Stretching Surgery

Abdominal stretching surgery for more than one, sagging due to reasons such as weight gain and giving, it is the process of stretching the cracked abdominal skin back to its former tension. Pregnancy Belly region more or less deformation, as the number of pregnancy increases cracks and skin

Increased abundance increases the distance between connective tissue and muscle tissue extending bilaterally in the anterior abdominal wall.

The result is a pot-like abdomen that does not improve, no matter how much weight is lost. Some women complain of not being able to see their genital area due to the sagging of their abdomen.

The only way to correct a cracked, sagged skin, loose muscles and a belly-like abdomen stretching surgery. Abdominal stretching surgery with cracks under the navel level, skin and fat you get rid of the excess and your abdominal region will regain its old tension. At the same time sagging the upper part of the genital area is also recovered.


Abdominal Stretching Surgery Process

Abdominal stretching is a traced operation. The scars leave at least twice the length of the caesarean section. Permission length is directly proportional to the degree of sagging. The main thing is not to let the length of the abdomen and waist the region is shaped so that no flaps on the sides. But the trail is hidden in the bikini area it remains. It is also reshaped in your navel. There are also marks around the belly button.

Iİn the operation, the incision is made on a line extending sideways from the caesarean section and to the level of the navel until cracked, drooping, loose skin is removed. Abdominal muscles are tightened and the skin above the navel is pulled down. The belly button is reshaped. The operation takes 2.5 hours on average.

It is not enough to flatten the abdomen in order to achieve aesthetic results should be shaped. Therefore, in most cases of abdominal stretching to the waist liposuction.

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