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Plastic Surgery

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When it comes to plastic surgery, only aesthetic applications come to mind. This is directly related to information pollution because aesthetic applications are only a small part of plastic surgery. The biggest reason for such a thought in the community is the application of aesthetic surgery for beauty purposes. 

Although plastic surgery is not only aesthetic, it is an area where large operations are performed up to arm, leg and face transplantations. It is also in the field of aesthetic surgery to treat a person’s skin for injuries, burns and various natural causes. In addition, many problems with the external appearance of many people with the help of plastic surgery is corrected to prevent mental and psychological disorders. Many aesthetic procedures are a small area of ​​plastic surgery. 

Frequently Used Procedures of Plastic Surgery 

 There is a demand for plastic surgery in our country for many operations except health issues. Especially because of gaining a beautiful and aesthetic image, many people apply to the field of aesthetic surgery. The procedures that people who frequently apply to our aesthetic center for changes and corrections of the appearance of various organs are requested to apply; 

  • Plastic surgery (rhinoplasty) 
  • Aesthetic breast surgery (erecting, reduction or enlargement procedures) 
  • Aesthetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) 
  • Scoop ear correction 
  • Face rejuvenation attempts (face lift, forehead lift, eyebrow lift, neck lift) 

These operations, which are one of the application areas of the plastic surgery department, are commonly performed operations. We have been working professionally on surgical aesthetic procedures for many years. Botox and filler applications are among the non-surgical Aesthetic-Cosmetic procedures that we frequently do by the branch and work with intense demand.

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