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Stem Cell Hair Transplantation

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Hair Transplantation with Stem Cells (Hair Cloning)

When the word “cloning duyul is heard, the science fiction film comes to life in most of us. Actually, hair cloning, ie transferring cloned hair to another area, a convergence concept to commercialization.

Hair cloning involves several experimental approaches to the problem of hair loss. This will achieving results, including proliferation of all hair follicles; hair follicle growth is a correct before the cells are harvested and transplanted in another region, reproduction in laboratory environment.

Cloning Research The word cloning means amak copying.. Derived from the Greek equivalent of the word “Dal“ this concept; reproduction by the use of a branch from a bush or tree to actually make a new plant is used.

Laboratory studies on cloning included the work of Hans Adolf Eduard Driesch in the 19th century It is based. The first known example was the copy of the DNA of a lamb named Dolly in 1997. fertilization and the realization of birth. In recent years, the field of tissue engineering, He became interested in cloning to replicate hair follicles. Today, still cell therapy There are many companies researching ways to reproduce hair using.


Cost of Hair Cloning with Stem Cells

When and in what form the treatment option of hair cloning with stem cells will become legal it is impossible to tell how much the procedure will cost. Here are ten thousands of dollars. However, as in many procedures, techniques in hair transplantation costs decrease as it develops. Also, what type of hair cloning can treat hair loss It is also difficult to determine such details. However, over time, an increasingly large group of patients procedure.


Hair Cloning Studies

Here is the basic idea; a small hair follicle can be removed from the donor area and within the hair follicles. specific cells can be isolated and grown in the laboratory and re-added to the skin when new hair regeneration of the roots.

The potential of this process; To treat hair loss, with a sample of 5-10 hair follicles is the production of thousands of strands in the laboratory environment. While this technological development is very exciting, clinical studies have long been observed. It seems that this treatment lasts for many years. Hair most of the patients with blood loss, treatment results can see in the short term options. The process of hair growth and transplantation after this growth is a process.

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