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Sapphire Technique

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Sapphire Hair Transplantation

Sapphire hair transplantation, in fact, hair roots in the hair roots will be placed in the opening of the so-called nest obtained from sapphire crystal which is natural sapphire stone and does not harm the skin texture. is a new hair transplantation technique. Less bleeding due to sapphire hair transplantation it also improves faster and gives more natural results. Sapphire hair planting price and sapphire hair You can find everything about cultivation in this article.

The hair transplantation sector is getting better with new technologies in hair transplantation despite the increasing demand for hair transplantation. continues to work and research with the logic of how we find solutions. The latest flourishing and hair obtained from sapphire element, which is naturally found in nature, is one of the popular applications in planting. sapphire crystal stone for hair transplantation precious sapphire blades that will be produced and hair roots will be placed in hair transplantation. is the name of the technique used to open channels. Sapphire is a crystal derivative and an element naturally occurring in nature. So it is a very precious stone.

Why is the Sapphire Percutaneous Hair Technique Important?

Sapphire tipped hair transplantation is a grooving technique and its name is sapphire shaped. Other grooving methods The slit method, ie flat and metal, is used, while the sapphire technique uses natural minerals and precious stones. No damage to the metal can be found in the sapphire technique. Sapphire technique is very healthy in terms of health. Estepalm Sheet Transplantation Center will make the difference between sapphire technique and other methods in hair transplantation we recommend according to the person’s hair structure.


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