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Oxygenated Hair Patch

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Oxidized Hair Transplantation Method

Hair is part of our appearance and perhaps qualify as a special accessory that reflects us

It is possible. Some are known for the beauty of their hair, others remain in mind with intense shedding. Unfortunately hair loss is such a problem today that it is very common, and it is very advanced. There is of course something to do in this case. Immediately disappointed Let’s talk about hair transplantation that we hear frequently. In fact, what makes this process even more beautiful, Let’s talk about Oxygenated hair transplantation which increases the effects and shortens the healing process. Hair loss so you can put aside your unhappiness. First, let’s talk about the classic hair transplantation application. The basic logic of hair transplantation process, hair follicles taken from the back of the ear and neck region, which are highly resistant to shedding, transfer to the living areas. In this case, the forehead line is drawn by specialist physicians and the last hair transplantation can be performed with a highly natural look. Preferred and experienced doctors As long as you do, such applications will be carried out smoothly and You will be able to attain. It is possible to have bushy hair as before with hair transplantation process. For aesthetic purposes hair transplantation is a surgical procedure. In this process using FUE technique it is very easy to achieve successful results but there is also a new application. As we mentioned Oxygen hair transplantation is done. Successful results, this process, classic hair transplantation application is combined with oxygen therapy. Oxygen therapy on this process spectacular results are revealed. Describe in detail the process that brings many advantages need. It is not a superficial process, because many people today hair transplantation application is experiencing the advantages of a smooth operation with a new life begins. That’s why Oxygen hair transplantation continues with the advantages of our writing, which is one of your curiosity special application details.

Advantages of Oxygen Hair Transplantation

It would be more accurate to address this issue item by item. Thus, the advantages of the application clearly visible. Let’s examine the advantages you will get with oxygen hair transplantation process one by one and accordingly, decide whether to choose a healthy way. In addition to all advantages it should be noted that it is very important to choose a good center and a good specialist. This is important After specifying the details, we can finally move on to the advantages of oxygenated hair transplantation.


  1. Let’s start with what we might call the most important advantage. Getting quick results … shortening of the time we can call it. The basis of oxygenated hair transplantation application, hair with oxygen is the nourishment of the roots. For this reason, the hair follicles that nourish are recovering more quickly and replaced is compatible. Adaptation of the hair follicles to the new location and the disappearance of various operational effects under normal conditions, a conventional hair transplant operation can last up to 15 days, while oxygenated reduces the healing time to 9 days. In other words, depending on the person and the application together, the recovery process after oxygenated hair transplantation process is maximum 9 days. That’s why especially those who work intensively, preferred to avoid interrupting their daily lives. alternative.


  1. An important advantage of oxygen hair transplantation is that hair follicles become healthier and depending on that we can have more healthy hair. Basic logic in all hair transplantation procedures hair follicles, shedding is transported to the region. In this case, the most important point, the hair follicles blood circulation. Because the hair follicle, which meets with blood circulation, starts to feed. Therefore it comes to life and is in the process of getting used to its new place. Oxygen treatment supported hair roots quickly meet with blood circulation and adapt to life faster. Good oxygenation the result will be healthier. Therefore, oxygenated hair transplantation process, healthier hair to have the opportunity.


  1. Finally, with regard to the advantages of oxygenated hair transplantation, need to mention. Because this is one of the most curious stages. If you think that an operation and treatment process is waiting for you, you are very wrong. Because on the contrary, you will feel extremely comfortable, comfortable and trouble-free process awaits you. Do not spill as the first job coded behind the ear and nape hair roots are removed and the operation is started. Feeding taken roots in liquid. In this process, hair roots are strengthened. Experts identify the hair on the forehead, after preparing the channels for cultivation will take you to rest. While you were drinking your tea, your coffee, while reading your newspaper, experts make the final checks and then take you to the final stage. Oxygenated hair in the last stage of cultivation process, hair follicles are taken to their new places after oxygen treatment and the process ends. So the point we’re actually trying to explain is this; Oxygen hair transplantation process last extremely easy and effortless. There is no risk of coercing neither you nor the experts.

On the contrary, it is a procedure that makes the results more successful. also an alternative loved by physicians. After you see it’s such an easy process you can change your mind and choose. 15 days after easy operation you will need to be in constant contact with your doctor and evaluate the process. Just hold your calls once a month

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