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Ice Fue Hair Technique

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Ice FUE Hair Technique

Today, scientific and academic studies on hair transplantation are carried out in different parts of the world,
new ways are being sought to prevent hair loss and improve hair transplantation techniques. But not all these processes result in a certain cost and time to make progress.
It requires: Ice cell hair developed as a result of academic studies in Sweden in 2015 transplantation method is the most current and latest technique known in the field of hair transplantation. Long-term R & D As a result of the work of vitality properties of hair follicles can be transferred without losing ice cell hair transplantation technique that can be applied only in our country by the Swedish Clinic.
Moreover, this method can also be used with fue hair transplantation.

What is Ice Cell Hair Transplantation?

Human hair begins to grow non-stop from the moment of birth due to its structure. Forehead hair covering the upper part of the human head from the top to the region of the neck various vitamins, minerals and proteins are fed through. How to look at a person’s hair structure it is possible to give an idea that there is a life because there are various data. For example, a person who begins to bleach his hair early in his / her age life or having harmful habits such as cigarettes and alcohol. Same way lush and healthy hair that is regularly cared for and have a successful career. Our hair expresses such important data and vitality in our daily life.

Cells that make up the hair roots, needs from the source of vitamins and minerals in the body.
They continue to develop as long as they can afford it.
This situation can be compared to the structure of vital organs such as the heart and liver. All this our organs are in a state of development and need nutrients to maintain this state.
However, hair follicles wear out over time depending on genetic factors and environmental conditions and hair loss may occur.
In fact, recent academic studies show that the situation is not so simple.
Hair follicles have a very delicate structure. Considering that a person has tens of thousands of strands of hair it is better to understand how thin and delicate the hair follicles are. Hair roots hair transplantation may be damaged or worn during operation. Although this condition to prevent further plantation
techniques are applied to the hair follicles after the donor area waiting to be the most important the problem is. Ice cell hair transplantation comes into play at this point and in cold chain conditions of hair follicles is a method that allows storage. In this way, damage to hair follicles and vitality properties loss is prevented.

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