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Gold Fue Hair Technique

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Hair Transplantation Technique

A New Method Gold tip (Gold Tip) used in many different areas such as scarring, pimples, crevices and pore tightening Hair Transplantation) is now used in hair transplantation.

Micro FUE technique is performed in the continuation of the hair transplantation process. In the process of hair transplantation tissue between the two ears (on the back of the head) or the areas where the hair is transplanted reaction, scarring, possible infection or late recovery.


FUE Gold (Gold Tip Hair Transplantation)

Hair Transplantation Technique FUE gold technique is a hair transplantation technique with many privileged features. Means of hair used sowing technique is a technique completely unique to itself. The tools used are specially designed, hair transplantation It is specially manufactured to make it more precise.

All surgical instruments used in the FUE technique are manufactured from “gold.. The main reason for this is the human This is because it is the most compatible material with the body. Does not damage the tissue (graft) contact with gold When tissue detects foreign matter, it does not go into self-defense; and does not disrupt the form of scalp. Thus, it helps maintain the quality of the graft and does not cause any changes in the structure.

The difference of FUE gold technique in other stages is that many hair follicles do not create micro parasites. channel. Healthy and permanent hair follicles taken directly from the scalp placed in the channels and immediately takes the position in the channels to then grow.

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