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FUE Method

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Hair Transplantation with FUE Method 

Hair transplantation with FUE method is a method commonly practiced in the world and in Turkey. Fue technique is a method that allows us to obtain natural results both when receiving and transplanting the hair.  

Fue Method Stages 

Hair transplantation with Fue method consists of 4 stages. 

  • Haircuts and local anesthesia; It takes about 1 hour. First, shaving the hair in the nape begins. In order to remove the hair follicles from the donor area by micro motor one by one, it must be shortened to 03 mm. The area where the hair follicles will be removed is made ready for Stage 2 by numbing with painless local anesthesia. 
  • Removal of hair follicles during hair transplantation by Fue method; on average it takes 2 hours. It is the process of removing hair follicles with micro motor one by one. During the uptake phase of the hair follicles, a cap of 08 to 1 mm is used at the end of the micro motor. 8mm headgear with single hair strands 1mm headgear with 2 hair wires are taken. For a dense and frequent planting appearance, these hairs should be planted after the various graphs planted on the front hairline. After the hair is taken from the donor area, it is placed in groups of 100 in a special solution. 
  • Opening of hair transplantation channels by Fue method; it takes an average of one hour. Our specialist doctor creates the anterior hairline and the area to be sown is completely numbed with local anesthetic drugs. After calculating the diameter and depth of the hair follicles, the lateral silite specially prepared for the hair follicles opens the channels where the hair follicles will be placed. Grooving method is the most important part of hair transplantation process. 
  • Hair transplantation with Fue method; on average 2 hours. In the first stage, the hair roots taken from the rotating region are placed one by one in the opened channels. 


Importance of Grooving 

After hair transplantation with Fue method, micro-incisions should be equal to the diameter of the grafts to be transplanted for the growth and healthy growth of hair follicles. The angles of the micro-incisions where the hair follicles will be placed should be in the same direction as those of the previous hair without shedding. The diameter and length of the hair follicles taken from the donor site should be calculated and the diameter and length of the lateral slit used to open the canal should be adjusted. Custom groovers should be used. You can reach your permanent and bushy hair in 7-8 hours without getting bored. 

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