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Beard Transplantation

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Beard Transplantation 

Beard transplantation is the method used for people who have lost their beards for any reason or for those who do not produce facial hair. This problem caused by hormonal causes is corrected by the operation performed by our clinic. Our patients reach the desired appearance after the procedures. No more beard shedding or growing out is no longer a problem but easily solved. 

Beard Transplant Details 


  • The area to be cultivated is determined by our specialist physician. 
  •  Necessary tests and examinations are performed. 
  • The need for the region to be sown is determined and the amount to be taken in the donor region is determined. 
  • Beards from the donor area are planted by determining the facial direction of the beard. 
  •  After dressing after the beard transplantation, PRB treatment is applied to accelerate the healing process. 
  •  Maintenance checks are performed at regular intervals. 
  • After a few weeks after the process, the expected result is reached after the natural appearance of the face.

Beard Cultivation Quality 

Combining years of experience with the latest technological techniques and advanced expertise, our clinic is always at the top of the list of preferred beard planting. Drugs used during planting with FUE technique proceed completely without any pain. Our clinic performs the maintenance and control of the beard at periodic intervals after the sowing process that is guaranteed to each strand. 

Aiming to offer the best for its patients, our clique commences operations in line with the customer satisfaction principle and in accordance with the control of the physician. Beard transplantation is performed with the channels opened considering the head structure and face shape of the patients. With the drugs used, both the anesthesia stage and the seeding stage are completed without any heavy feeling. To look more beautiful, to display the image you want to contact us is enough. We take you with our own hands, perform the planting process, we give you the look you want. 

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