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Unshaved Hair Patch

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Many people who want to have hair transplantation process will learn to shave the hair gives up the operation. It is quite usual that people don’t want to be seen with a shaved head. Various methods have been tried in plastic surgery in order to eliminate this shaving problem during hair transplantation. The aim is to provide patients with a comfortable during the hair transplantation process. In other words, besides creating a natural appearance for both the patient and the surgeon, it is of great importance that patients return to their work and social life as soon as possible. Until a few years ago, in the traditional hair transplantation, the area had to be completely shaved when multiple or individual hair follicles were removed. This was not easy for patients who had to walk around with half-shaved hair in the community. It was also very common that many people who wanted to have hair transplantation gave up the procedure when they learned that the donor area was shaved during the procedure. Unshaved Hair Transplantation technique is a new technique developed to eliminate this problem.


People who want to have unshaved hair after transplantation are asked to extend their hair a little before surgery. This this procedure ensures that the donor area is hidden between the hairs that do not require treatment. In the first stage, the region where the hair follicles will be taken is determined. In the second stage, the surgeon receives the strong and healthy follicles with the help of the team with the least possible impact. In the next stage, the hair follicles are ready to be transplanted. In the last stage, the hair transplantation process is completed in a way to create a natural image.


This procedure is applied to women. It’s well suited to women who are not completely ready to shave their hair. Also for men who wear long hair. If the damage is not large, it is possible to maintain an aesthetic appearance.

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